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Welcome to BOSS Boxing MMA & Fitness - the preferred destination for top quality boxing and mixed martial arts in Sacramento

Established in 2015, BOSS Boxing MMA & Fitness is the premier destination for men, women, and children who want to learn boxing and MMA the right way. Owned and operated by a former United States Boxing Olympian, BOSS Boxing MMA & Fitness teaches the sport of boxing and MMA at a higher level than most gyms out there, giving our members better value for their money.

Located at 5555 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento CA, BOSS Boxing MMA & Fitness welcomes individuals and groups from different parts of Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas.

Our goal here is to help stay at home moms stay healthy, dads get in shape, and kids learn the fundamentals of boxing and MMA. We also welcome more experienced boxers and MMA practitioners who want to continue to hone their skills in a safe, well-equipped, environment that can help bring out the best in them.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience in the highest levels of competition, we are quickly and effectively able to provide each member with tailored boxing or MMA instruction that's tailored to their needs. So whether you're looking to learn the basics, looking for new and fun ways to work out, or are preparing to participate in amateur or professional bouts, you can be sure to get the top-notch training you need - here at BOSS Boxing MMA & Fitness.

For more information, please call us at 916-331-BOSS (2677) or email us at jbrown@bossboxingmmaandfitness.com today!
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